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How do I know that the results of my test will be impartial?

We are not connected to any armour manufacturer and we adhere to a strict code of ethics.

How do I know that all information relating to my product will be kept confidential?
We do not discuss other customer’s products. Please let us know if you have any specific security requirements, which we will endeavour to meet.

Where are you located?
We are located close to the centre of Devizes in Wiltshire, but we can be difficult to find without directions. Please contact us for directions from Station Road.

How much will the ballistic testing cost?
Prices start from £197.50, but vary significantly depending on individual requirements. Please contact us for an estimate.

Can you help us design our product so that it will pass a particular standard?
No. We can give generic guidance, but cannot specify exact design solutions. This is to ensure we do not give away parts of other customer’s designs inadvertently.

Can I stand behind my product while it is being tested?
We have actually been asked this on a number of occasions, but for health, safety and liability reasons we cannot allow this.

Can I watch the testing being carried out?
Yes, we welcome customers to view their products being tested, as it often gives them a better understanding of the threat they are protecting against and allows them to direct R&D trials depending on the outcome of the testing.

Can you conduct testing for overseas customers?
Yes, a significant percentage of our customers come from overseas. Most samples can be sent without customs charges arising from arrival in the UK (provided they will be destroyed or returned after testing).