Standards and Accreditations

In 2007, Wiltshire Ballistic Services was asked by MoD to be a pathfinder for the application of the ISO17025 standard to ballistic testing.  As this had never been done before, we worked with UKAS to assist them in defining how the standard could be applied to ballistic testing.

This resulted in WBS being the first company accredited by UKAS to the ISO17025 standard (Testing Laboratory 4118) and informed key personnel within UKAS about the principles of ballistic testing.  WBS retained this accreditation until November 2011, when the company decided not to continue, due to the excessive additional costs.

The company operates in accordance with the International standard ISO17025 and has the capability to test to many other standards, we are prepared to seek accreditation at any time in response to customer demand.

We also have the capability to stock numerous types of ammunition to cater for a large range of requirements.

  • Wiltshire Ballistic Services are accredited to ISO 9001 and certified to ISO/IEC 17025.
  • Wiltshire Ballistic Services test to a range of national and international standards.
    Some of those we regularly test to are listed below:
    – EN1063
    – EN1522 and EN1523
    – STANAG 2920
    – STANAG 4569/AEP-55 levels 1-4
    – NIJ 0108.01